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Can you see yourself selling any of these items here:


· Diet pills

· Nutritional sex enhancers

· Cell phone boosters

· Pheromone scents

· Glass chess sets

· Low cost jewelry

· Expensive watches and jewelry

· Heirloom jewelry

· Used toys in good condition

· New and used clothing for children and plus-sized clothing for women

· Western wear such as cowboy boots, belts, shirts, leather vests

· Software (including closed-out or last year's software programs and games)

· Strobe pens

· Tools (power and hand tools)

· Perfume (including perfume samples and opened expensive perfumes that are at least over one-half full)

· Perfume bottles (some with or without perfume)

· Religious books and Bibles (Bibles are always a perennial seller)

· Non-fiction books on hobbies, sports, nautical subjects, history, military science, popular textbooks, and art & photography.   Also books containing maps and art prints that can be broken and sold individually.

·  Maps and old prints of ships, flowers, animals (horses and dogs are tops)

· Used auto parts for specialty automobiles (Porsche, BMW, MG, etc.)

·  Low mileage Japanese cars and pickups

· Automotive models and car collectibles

· Signed sports collectibles




Need to host a party or event, consider Child's Play, http://www.kidspartiestoronto.com

Child’s Play is a 15,000 sq. ft. event center which hosts private parties only.  Only one party is run at a time, meaning you never share this space with any other party.  You have access to the entire 15,000 sq. feet. Our pricing is based on the amount of guests attending your party and the number of hours you require for your party.  We provide full staffing for your parties. Most of our parties are either for children, families, or corporations.  Our philosophy is predicated on you having a great time.  We will go out of our way to make sure your stay here is excellent.  Our premises are cleaned daily and we invest over 40 hours per week to keep our facility as clean as you would.  We have pride in ownership. No party is too small or large for us. We want to work with you to ensure a great party success! Adults and children can use all of the equipment at our facility — without restriction!  We encourage adults to participate with their children on all of our climbing and soft structures. We spend one hour between parties cleaning and as such, we do not allow for early entry setups.  If you require elaborate setups for food decorations etc., we can accommodate such; however, there is a charge for suchDeposits on parties are not refundable so please be very sure that if you book a party you know that this time is reserved for you. Again, we only take your party reservation if you are absolutely sure that you wish to book.  All of our games and equipment are set to free play — this means you never have to pay for tokens! 


Child’s Play features:  22,000 song karaoke library in 10 different languages, HD Television throughout the facility, Wireless Internet throughout the facility, Professional Slot Machines—free of charge to play, Multiple, professional sound systems, State-of-the-art coffee / espresso bar available, New Kitchens, new appliances, and a fully equipped snack bar, Granite Tables, Leather Furniture, 2600 video game library on 14 foot HD screen, Custom lighting & sound effects, Large Footprint Games , Profession Slate Pool Tables, Professional Air-hockey, soccer, basketball,  and other large frame games, Arcade Lounge, pinball & video games — free of charge to play, Professional Shuffleboards, themes with sound effects and custom lighting, Onsite custom helium balloons, Can Accommodate 5 to 500 people!

Please call me to pay for your domain! 416.236.9255



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